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  About Us 

 This Pub is Dedicated to Arnold Palmer &

Bob Drum’s Creation of the Pro Grand Slam


The “Drum” in our name represents Famous Golf Writer and “Emmy” Nominated Broadcaster - Bob Drum. The “Quill” represents the golf writers’ secret weapon, the pen, that can write the words that turn stories into legend.  A story written by Bob Drum in 1960 told how his friend, Arnold Palmer, was going to win the top four majors and that, he declared, would be “Golf’s Pro Grand Slam,” and the rest is golf history. PGA Professionals still pursue the legendary “Slam” today created by golf legend Arnold Palmer and our namesake – Bob Drum. 


We are also dedicated to the tradition of Irish Public Houses, the roots of the Drum Family, as a place the community gathers.  Whether under the longleaf pines of Pinehurst, or on the lush green hills of the Irish homeland, the pub is a place that is always open and friendly.  We welcome individuals, families and friends to cozy up with a pint, enjoy a bite to eat, talk, debate, sing, laugh and tell stories. We offer a place to enjoy good cheer with old friends or new ones.


This “Public House,” or “Pub” as it was shortened to today, stands as a testament to Old Town Pinehurst’s place in golf’s historic past by honoring the origins of golf’s ultimate prize, Golf’s Professional Grand Slam, invented by our namesake, Bob Drum, and his friend, the legendary Arnold Palmer.


Welcome to Drum & Quill Public House - Home to Golf’s Majors & Golf’s Professional Grand Slam.


Kevin Drum, Proprietor

Cead Mile Failte